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A New Backyard For Summer

Summer has officially arrived! That means time for gathering friends and family around the backyard for some games, good times, and grilling as the sun goes down on these ever longer days. Now is the perfect time to give your backyard space a little quick reno to get you ready for hosting a whole summer’s worth of parties and dinners. But where do you start? Well, here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity so you can design the backyard of your dreams. Purpose and Function The best place to start when considering a makeover for your backyard...

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Boost Your Energy Efficiency With Geothermal HVAC

For today’s homeowner there are all sorts of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Depending on your state, there’s a multitude of incentives for you to convert your home’s energy usage and become more sustainable. You may have long-since been on that train what with your Energy Star rated appliances, windows, and low-flow toilets. Solar panels? You got those soon as they became consumer-ready. But what about your HVAC system? The summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. Your heating and cooling system is working overtime to compete with harsh climate changes. Like anything else, there’s...

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Open Floor Options

Open floor plans are all the rage in new homes. Truth be told, it’s one home design trend that’s been raging for well over a hundred years. Frank Lloyd Wright has been designing open floor plans for homes since the early 20th century. In fact, one of Wright’s open plan sketches made it to a 1901 issue of Ladies Home Journal. Whatever implication this may have to the liberation of women (bringing the kitchen into the common area as opposed to shutting it and her away behind a wall) there is an unmistakable allure to the open floor plan....

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Green Roof, Green House

Solar panels have been around long enough in residential use for us to wonder how long they’ve been around. While they’ve been gaining popularity among homeowners since the early 2000s, the use of solar energy in panels was first discovered in 1839 by Edmund Becquerel, a French Scientist. Another useful, roof-based green energy alternative that’s been around for centuries (and utilized by Europeans long before us) is Green Roofs. Green roofs are roofs on which plants or vegetation can grow. Researched and used as far back as the 1940s in Germany, these roofs are becoming more and more popular...

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Hemp: The “New” Green Building Tool

Hemp: The “New” Green Building Tool Last month, landmark legislation was passed to aid farmers and take us in a green direction along with it. Restrictions on farmers wanting to grow hemp have been removed. Translation: Hemp is legal. This non-psychoactive cannabis plant is an industry projected to hit $1 billion in the next three years. What’s better, it has a multitude of green effects, uses, and it’s a valuable tool for farmers. Hemp is a wonder plant. It can be grown just about anywhere and it naturally detoxifies the soil, which makes it a great plant to put...

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