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Leave The Light On, Baby

Leave The Light On, Baby The Holidays are here, but they’ll be gone before you know it. You’ve bought the presents; they’ll be opened. You’ve prepared all the food; it will be eaten. You’ve strung up all the lights; they will be taken down. … Or will they? Could it be? Can you really leave your lights up on the house all? Year. Round? Most likely, yes. Should you? Are you done with all the questions?? Ready for Answers??? Good. Yes! … And No. Think of any kitschy bistro with a chic outdoor patio area. It most likely has...

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What’s Behind Curtain Number One…?

What’s Behind Curtain Number One…? You may have heard that carrots help your night vision. And if you’re at all inquisitive or keep the History Channel on for white noise, you know the truth to that statement is slight, as this “fact” was used by the RAF during WWII to explain why their shooters could take out Nazi planes in the dark night skies. Another British WWII thing that’s still around today – and has more than just one use – are blackout curtains. If you have a new baby chances are you’ve been at least advised to purchase...

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Things to Watch Out For When Getting a Solar Power System Installed In Your Home

Things to Watch Out For When Getting a Solar Power System Installed In Your Home Companies selling solar power equipment usually doesn’t give complete information about their products and equipment. Many popular sales pitch includes “go solar, save hundreds of dollars.” If you consider investing in solar power then you need to know about some important factors like the price and quality of the tools and equipment. Solar panels are an excellent idea for home improvement when you are looking for cleaner energy! If you want to invest in a solar power system for energy efficiency, then you must...

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The Importance of Pool Upkeep

Having a pool is awesome, as you can feel like you are on a luxurious holiday while staying at home! Relaxing on a pool bed, listening to music and relaxing with friends in the cool water on a hot day are just some of the benefits of a pool. For those who love to keep fit, swimming is an amazing exercise choice to go with, as it is both fun and effective. However, getting pools built in homes come with great responsibility. You cannot just leave a pool as it is after it is made, there is a lot...

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The Benefits of Installing Pavers in Your Backyard

Home improvement is an exciting venture for most homeowners! From choosing colors, styles and materials, many renovation or remodeling projects help homes to not only become more aesthetically pleasing but also improve residential value and energy efficiency! Backyards, in general, are usually the most overlooked areas of homes and most people do not put in the extra effort to maintain or renovate it. There are simple changes or additions one can make in order to improve their backyards- one of those ways being installing pavers! Here are some of the benefits of installing pavers in your backyard. About Pavers...

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